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mBank Title Insurance Agency, L.L.C. has the ability to service you in any county in the state of Michigan with consistency!  How do we do this when the competition can't?  By employing 85 qualified searchers and witness closers.  Managing our searcher network has allowed us to have control of our rapid turnaround time (3-5 days).  Because we understand the nature of the business, we also provide "Rush Order" services upon your request!

Why Use mBank Title Insurance Agency, L.L.C.?

  • We offer title insurance in the state of Michigan.
  • Service is consistent regardless of where the property is located.
  • Industry norms are not acceptable - we strive to provide exemplary service!
  • Partnership with First American to provide insurance anywhere in the country.
  • We can close your transactions anywhere you choose.

mBank Title Insurance Agency, L.L.C. is Different From The Rest

  • We evaluate our customers needs and develop ways to service them.
  • We have developed a Final Policy Hub dedicated to issuing Final Policies on a timely basis.
  • When closing services are required, we close the transaction at your office so you can bring your customer back to you.
  • We are constantly on the cutting edge of providing new products and services.
  • We continue to evaluate and train our staff so they can grow with the Agency.

mBank Title Insurance Agency, L.L.C. Delivers Consistent Service

  • Our service is consistent for all customers, no matter where the property is located.
  • Constant training of the staff to strengthen abilities and specializations in certain fields.
  • Stable staff with low turnover and many employees who have extensive title insurance experience.  

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Please contact Katie Droscha kdroscha@mibankerstitle.com or 517-374-1965, with any comments or concerns about placing an order.
507 South Grand Avenue
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Lansing, Michigan 48933
517-374-1965 (phone)
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